MISSION: Rally Zine is a digital zine dedicated to demanding equality, equity, and visibility for people of all identities, including, but not limited to, folks who are:

Women. Women of color. Men of color. Nonbinary folks of color. Xicanx. Chicanx. Latinx. Muslim. Middle Eastern. Jewish. Black. African. Brown. Indian. Indigenous. Native. American Indian. First Nations. Pilipinx. Asian. Pacific Islander. Neurodiverse. Not-able bodied. Disabled. Undocumented. Immigrant. Deaf. Non-English speakers. LGBTQA+. Poor. Low-income. Non-college educated. Agender. Trans/Transgender. Queer. Genderqueer.

PROJECT: Our means for demanding equality, equity, and visibility is by producing a zine that is available for free online so that folks from different communities, countries, and identities can read these works. Our intent is not to speak on behalf of any community or identity, but to give folks from various backgrounds the chance to discuss the complex layers of identity that inform how we see ourselves in relation to other people and the world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The goal of Rally Zine is to be accessible to folks of varying identities and life experiences. The writing style, topics, length, and format of each work included in this zine were decided by the individual writer/creator and were edited for grammatical error and problematic language. The opinions and views of each work is that of the author, not Rally Zine as a whole. However, our stance as a zine is to support and provide a platform for these creators to convey their opinions to our readers and respect/promote difference of opinion so that we can learn from one another.

SUBMISSIONS: Folks who are interested in submitting/contributing to future projects from this zine can send subs to rallyzine.subs@gmail.com.