Feminism as a Group Self-Care Tool

By Xóchitl Yunuen Rodríguez Quintero

As I was browsing my Facebook wall, I realized a lot of my contacts were sad, upset or angry because they had suffered gender violence and everyone told them they were exaggerating and being drama queens. I started to question if there are enough safe spaces where we can talk about misogynist violence, mansplaining and the lack of representation of women and non binary people in the media. The answer was: absolutely not.

Although I’m not an extroverted person, I felt it was necessary to unite all of my contacts and start making new support networks. We do not have to be friends, but we can help each other in a world where people minimize the pain and fatigue that being a woman represents sometimes.

That’s why I started what I called Feminist self-care reunions in my place, in Mexico City. I wanted to give these people a cozy, relaxed and peaceful space where women and non binary people can talk about sexual abuse, domestic violence, toxic workspaces, street harassment and the impositions of the heteropatriarchy.

The most beautiful thing about these meetings is that, in every single one of them, there are new people who want to join this community to talk about their issues and to form new alliances. It’s beautiful to see Instagram pictures of two of these people sharing new experiences because they met in my apartment.

I think there’s not enough time to talk about our problems and feelings and that’s a big issue. We need to speak out loud and be honest about what worries us. We need to create new mechanisms to cope as a society and in small groups. What I learned about these meetings is that there’s always hope if you fill a room with feminists and pizza. I love every single one of the people that come to my place to talk and I like to think it’s a way to cope with depression, anxiety and sexual traumas.


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